UTHHAN - Now benefiting more than 3000 families

With more than 3000+ families, Uthhan is still empowering artisans.

The only initiative in Indian for Artisans where the profit from sales directly goes to an Artisan account without any hassle and middleman.

This effort will unify all type of skilled workers across India which will lead a new ray of hope for the community to fight for their rightful cause without fear.

We have also developed an app platform for Artisans to sell & scale up their business. Now Uthhan app is available in multiple languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, & English).

"Each product you buy, their future is secured with a smile."

Join & Support Uthhan Initiative
Website: Uthhan.org
Phone: 080 26713133
Email: support@gergstore.com