Online Handicraft market: An Economic Opportunity for Resellers in Post Covid Debacle

UTHHAN is the first mobile and web-based platform ( to succour and support artisans ineloquently about the latest designs of handicraft products and in selling their products without the involvement of the middlemen and hence getting the direct profit. A total of 40000+ artisan families across India are registered under the initiative till now. All the products are authentic and made using traditional methods. The craft items are available at the lowest price without compromising the quality. The cascading effect of COVID pandemic and weekend curfews is a major wary for the food and beverage industry and hospitality sector as well. It has become unviable and unsustainable as the footfalls have fallen down drastically over that the excise duty, taxes and other expenses. Hence business optimization and adapting to new opportunities is the only key. UTHHAN (Handicraft Platform) has come up with a proposal for all food and beverage industry and hospitality sector to fetch extra income and value addition. Handicrafts display and sale can be a major development as it would largely appeal to the tourists, customers, foodies and visitors. Handicrafts promote our country’s art and culture which can largely add value to the hospitality and Food and beverage industries along with the sales. It will boost income as well. PROCUREMENT PROCESS 1. Visit 2. Register as a Reseller 3. Login as a Reseller 4. Start shopping bulk handicraft products from SHOP option 5. Place orders in Bulk 6. Doorstep Delivery HIGHLIGHTS 1. Lowest Cost for Handicrafts since its directly from the Artisans. 2. All Handicraft segments under one roof. 3. Customisation Available 4. Easy order Process 5. Digital marketing and Sales support from UTHHAN. 6. Celebrity endorsements 7. Media Coverage 8. Cross-selling, Business diversification and Income addition 9. Brand Value add through promotion of Indian arts and culture 10. Eco-friendly products 11. Interior Decor with handicrafts is cost-effective. 12. Handicraft Goodies for the customers. 13. An unique way of Promoting “Be Indian, Buy Indian” with UTHHAN 14. Display and Sale of handicrafts will be an additional way of Income 15. Effective Space utilization with revenue generation